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Want to achieve? Get started.

by Shaun Cooper

23 May 2015

How long have you been telling yourself “I should get back into shape”? Maybe you’ve been assuring yourself by stating “I’ll start on Monday”… since Christmas.

There’s that guy, Tom, at your office that wakes up at 4:30am and completes an 80km bike ride before you’ve even thought about getting up to brush your teeth. Or you just finished scrolling through your Instagram feed and saw that yogi you follow holding a #DownwardSpiralPeacock #OneHanded and thought, "I could never do that".

Many of us know or see these people and think that...

Achieving a healthy balance.

by Shaun Cooper

17 April 2015.


This article is based on concepts and teachings learned from Precision Nutrition and it’s co-founder, Dr. John Berardi PhD. The views expressed here are those of the post’s author only.

Dr John Berardi is an international leader in Sports and Exercise Nutrition and the Co-Founder of Precision Nutrition - the world's largest online nutrition coaching and professional education company. 

In one of Precision Nutrition’s certification courses, he explains the purpose of good nutrition and it’s role in achieving improved body composition, performance...